CoGoFly - Privacy Policy

Data protection is of the utmost importance to COGOFLY (right after "COGOFLY").

The Privacy Policy in place supplements the Terms and Conditions of the website (referred to hereafter as "the Website"), governing the relationship between the user and COGOFLY. This Privacy Policy applies to all services provided on the Website. The French version of this Privacy Policy shall prevail over any other version. The user can contact COGOFLY by the following email: By registering on the Website, the user consents to this Privacy Policy.

1. Collection of personal data:

COGOFLY collects, processes, and uses personal data about the users in accordance with French and Europe laws and statutes on data protection. This collection has been declared to the CNIL under number 1822236v0. COGOFLY uses personal data in the exclusive goal of providing the user with the services described on the Website and in the Terms and Conditions. COGOFLY will never transfer Personal Data to third parties without the user's consent. The user has a right of access, rectification and opposition on his/her personal data. To exercise those rights, the user shall contact COGOFLY by the contact email.

2. Registration:

In order to become a user of the Website, it is necessary to first create an account on the Website. To create an account, the user is required to provide the following mandatory contact information:

3. Profile Information and contents:

Once registered, the user may provide other optional pieces of information (profession, diplomas, languages, hobbies, and so on...). The user can also publish or post different contents on the Website. These pieces of information are collected by COGOFLY to provide the user with better services and more confidence.

4. Information about the user's contacts:

If the user chooses to invite other people to join his entity, he/she shall enter the last name, first name, and email addresses of the invitees, or just their email address and potentially a phone number, depending on the data required by the invitation. This data is used only to send the invitation email and other reminders. COGOFLY stores this information to send the invitation email and to register a contact connexion if the user's invitation is accepted.

All information entered or uploaded about contacts is considered personal data for the application of this Privacy Policy.

5. Cookies:

COGOFLY uses cookies to identify the user during the course of his/her session and to recognise him/her as a user when he/she returns to the Website using the same computer and web browser. A cookie is a file stored on the user's computer tied to information about the user. COGOFLY uses session ID cookies to confirm that the user is logged in. These cookies terminate once the user closes the browser. By default, COGOFLY uses persistent cookies that store the user's login ID (but not the password) to make it easier for the user to log in when he/she comes back to the Website. These cookies will then store part of the login data in encrypted form. The user can remove or block these cookies using the settings in the browser if he/she wants to disable this convenience feature. Unfortunately, if the browser settings do not allow cookies, the user shall systematically give his user name and password to log on.

COGOFLY also receives the IP address of the user's computer, the computer operating system and type of web browser he/she is using, as well as the name of the user's ISP.

This data is saved in a log file and will be stored by. The information is used in anonymous form to analyse overall trends to help COGOFLY improve its service, e.g., COGOFLY may analyse on which days, at which time and when the Website are particularly frequented. The linkage between the user's IP address and his/her personally identifiable information is never shared with any third party without the user's permission except when required by law. COGOFLY reserves the right to review the log files from the last known IP address of the user where COGOFLY has reasonable cause to believe that the user is using the Website in breach of the Terms and Conditions or the applicable legislation. In doing this, COGOFLY protects other users, the safety of its user's data, as well as the Website and the services. Like the information the user enters at registration or in his/her profile, cookie and associated log file data is used to customise the use of the Website and to help the user to not type his user name and password again. By using the Website and/or registering with the Website, the user fully accepts the use of the above mentioned cookies and log files.

6. Viewable data:

When the user registers in the Website, he/she may choose by whom his/her profile information are viewable. Three choices are then available: profile Information can be viewable either by everybody or solely by the user's contacts/friends or solely by the user's himself/herself. The user may modify his/her choice at any time in the settings menu. However, the profile picture will always be viewable by everybody. This picture will be blurred when the profiles research succeeds, COGOFLY wishing to be clearly different from a dating website. If the user makes no choice when registering, the following rules apply by default:

Viewable by everybody: family name, first name, country/city of residence, country/city of birth, gender, date of birth, scholarship/diplomas, schools/universities, former country/city of residence, languages, current profession, current employer, former employers, types of licences, zodiacal sign, what the User has already visited/done, what the user wishes to visit/do, interests, hobbies, self-description, smoker, number of children, statute.

Viewable solely by the user: email address.

7. Sharing information with other users of COGOFLY or third parties:

Profile information is only available to other users of COGOFLY depending on the user's chosen individual privacy settings. Neither third parties (meaning not registered users) nor searching engines (eg : Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…) have access to the user's profile information, contents and personal data. The user acknowledges that no security measures are perfect and that the user's personal data may become publicly available, in case of a website hacking for example, despite the efforts of COGOFLY to maintain security of the Website. COGOFLY cannot control the actions of other users with whom the user may shares data and information. Therefore, COGOFLY does not guarantee that personal data will not be viewed by unauthorised persons. COGOFLY is not responsible for circumvention of any privacy settings or security measures contained on the Website.

The user also acknowledges that, even after removal, copies of personal data may remain viewable in cached and archived pages.

8. Emails, and Notifications to users:

COGOFLY regularly sends out notification messages and emails to all users of COGOFLY. This communication aims at informing the user about new features or events related to the Website, to received emails, to added friends, to "likes", and so on…COGOFLY may present new users of COGOFLY to the user. It may also be the case that COGOFLY presents the user as a possible contact to other users of COGOFLY. Finally, COGOFLY may inform the user about other users of COGOFLY who have visited the user's profile or vice versa, i.e., the user may be one of those users with regard to another user of COGOFLY whose profile the user has visited. Generally, the user may opt out of such notifications through his/her individual personal settings, though COGOFLY reserves the right to send the user notices about his/her account.

9. Forwarding information to third parties:

COGOFLY does not forward the user's personal data, his/her contents, or other information to third parties without the user's consent, except where COGOFLY believes such sharing is either 1) necessary to use the Website or, 2) legally required or, 3) permitted by the user. For example, COGOFLY may forward personal data to service providers, to its partners or sponsors, to help COGOFLY offer a better service, a better access to and a better use of the Website as a whole.

COGOFLY may be required to disclose personal data by legal requests, such as court orders, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, COGOFLY may share information when COGOFLY believes it is necessary to comply with the law, to protect the interests or property of COGOFLY, to prevent fraud or other illegal activity perpetrated through the Website or using the COGOFLY name, or to prevent imminent damage. This may include sharing information with other companies, lawyers, government agencies. By using the Website or registering in the Website, the user allows COGOFLY to process and use his/her personal data for advertising or marketing purposes of partners of COGOFLY via the Website. Particularly, Personal Data may be used in order to tailor the advertisement presented to the user to his/her specific interests.

10. Miscellaneous:

10.1. Under Age:

Minors are not eligible to use the Website and are therefore not allowed to register and submit any personal information to COGOFLY. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for the protection of their children's privacy.

10.2. Links:

The Website may contain links to other websites. COGOFLY is not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites. COGOFLY encourages the User to be aware when he/she leaves the Website to read the privacy statements of each and every website that collects personally identifiable information. This Privacy Policy applies solely to information collected by COGOFLY.

11. Changing or removing information:

The user may control most personal information via the profile editing tools of his/her profile on the Website. The user may modify or delete any of his/her profile information except the mandatory information required during the registration process at any time by logging into his/her account. Information will be updated immediately, subject to have saved it. Users who wish to deactivate their account with COGOFLY should act as mentioned in article Deactivation or deletion of an account of the Terms and Conditions. In this case, COGOFLY will remove the user's name and other personally identifiable information from publicly viewable data. However, COGOFLY may retain certain data contributed by the user if it may be necessary to prevent fraud or future abuse, or for legitimate business purposes, such as statistical analysis of non-personally-identifiable data, or if required by law. All retained data will continue to be subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy that the user has previously agreed to. Where the user makes use of the communication features of the service to share information with other users of COGOFLY, however, (e.g., sending a personal message to another user of COGOFLY) the user generally cannot remove such communications.

12. Litigation:

Any dispute arising from the use of the Website is subject to this Privacy Policy and to the Terms and Conditions, including limitation of liability.

13. Modification of Privacy Policy:

COGOFLY reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time. COGOFLY shall give due notice of any amendments of this Privacy Policy to the user via the user's email address or by placing a notice in the user's personal inbox on the Website.