Find here all of our contributors' testimonies !

Olivier Foulon


"Having worked with FRANCK on several projects, I've had the opportunity to accompany him on business trips. He's a remarkable person, always willing to help and make people happy. His website is an extension of his personality and his passion for traveling and connecting people."

Michel Wauthier


"I've known Franck for some time now. He has a unique ability to form genuine relationships and is incredibly loyal. He's dynamic, full of new ideas, and has put everything into his project to bring people together and make travel more accessible. The project is a reflection of Franck and is destined to succeed."

Benjamin Mallows


"I've known Franck for several years and his drive and motivation are unmatched. It's always a pleasure to work with him because you know results are guaranteed. He's a trustworthy colleague and friend who has the profile and skills to be the best. I'm excited to see his hard work pay off with this project."

Florent Portes


"Franck is the designer and creator of this website, he asked me to help him for the development, I was motivated by this idea to find a solution for all these people that don’t want to travel alone, indeed, times are difficult these days, for all, economic crisis, current situation, terrorism but the fact you can find hope despite all these bad things happening is first of all a noble idea and to take a stand in this world, and to see few persons motivated to develop this project, this is a really creative and innovative idea, to allow people that don’t know each other, to meet, travel and the more you get to know someone, the closer you feel to them, and these friendships will last, because love is stronger than all things, and we need to defend this love in this chaotic world today. Franck is a committed person, I have only known him for a few years but what struck me is his strength of conviction, close to stubbornness but to do good, and to seek quality, what struck me again is his motivation, he refuses to fail, I am motivated to work with him to see these qualities and concepts in him, his desire to succeed and to bring forth his vision, because it is with small and simple things that great things are achieved."