About CoGoFly

The main aim of this page is to explain the Cogofly concept.The brand Cogofly, name and logo, came to light thanks to the human values that this concept wishes to get across and maintain moving forward.

This brand is the result of a worldwide issue: There are far too many people who travel alone!

The concept

The idea came to light after several professional and private trips I have been able to do over the years...

This social network website is a worldwide concept which will help to avoid travelling, spending a weekend, make a business trip, do some rides (cultural, sport, education, etc...), or just going on an outing, ALONE...if someone just feel ALONE, as well and for any reasons, this website is then the good one !

This situation, unfortunately, doesn't have "borders"...It can touch a person, a group of person, couples, families and also all socio-professional categories.

Cogofly's primary goal is to help people to avoid travelling alone any more. The second one is simply to help them to no longer be alone.

It also naturally deals with the following notion: 'Who has never felt like they're always well surrounded, but ended up feeling rather alone ?'

CoGoFly concept

The brand: name + logo

It was of paramount importance to find a site name which was both catchy and easy to remember for all members, plus anyone else reading this page (verbally and visually).

It was therefore absolutely necessary to find:


In order for this mission to succeed, it was important to keep certain ideas and "basic" words in mind, such as:

  • Sharing: co-travelling, car-sharing...

  • Going out / Being on the move: trips, excursions, days/nights out...

  • Travelling: going away, heading off, jetting off...

CO-GO-FLY: The name seemed so OBVIOUS!

And so Cogofly was born, its domain name reserved on Monday 28 September 2015 and its trademark protected with INPI!

In 2021, with the Go-Live of COGOFLY 2, the name Cogofly becomes Co Go Fly

CoGoFly Name


New CoGoFly Name